The Lionfish Slayer® – never go diving without one

Lionfish Slayer® makes your part in eliminating this species fun and safe! Our eradication enclosed spear poles are designed with diver safety and accuracy as the utmost priority. Whether you are a seasoned spearo or new to diving, the Lionfish Slayer® is easy to use, safe, efficient, and most of all…deadly. Checkout several of our demo videos and photo gallery of happy and successful spearo customers.


“The Punch”



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      The Punch

      The Punch is a “closed end” spear pole. The stainless steel tube is configured so that the spear inside the high tube propels outwards and abruptly stops at the end of the barrel, preventing the spear from shooting further than the end of the pole.


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What our customers are saying

paul_varian“I love my punch. A pole spear works fine, but The Punch is definitely my weapon of choice when it comes to lionfish.”— Paul Varian, Professional spear-fisherman, dive boat captain and star of reality TV show, Catching Hell
frank_darden“I got a chance to shoot with one of the new updated Lionfish Slayers today, and it was the bomb. I shot a bunch of fish on the Clinton, and the gun operated very smoothly, and accurately. I will be using this moving forward on all of my dives.”— Frank Darden
michael_monge“The Lionfish Slayer is so much easier to use than a pole spear and super-fast to reload. Paired with a Zoo Keeper it is the most effective and easy way to safely collect and remove Lionfish. It’s more money but worth every penny. Highly Recommended A+++”— Michael Monge
alex_fogg“The Lionfish Slayer is a discrete, safe, and powerful device that I can carry with me on all of my dives. When a lionfish is sighted on one of my ‘non-lionfish’ hunting dives I can quickly access the lionfish slayer, harvest the fish and continue on my dive with little interruption.”— Alex Fogg