Product Demos

“The Punch” Demo

This video illustrates how the end of the spear of “The Punch” Lionfish Slayer® does not extend beyond the end of the barrel. The Punch is great for close range shots and also limits the potential risk of damaging the reef.
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More demo videos of “The Punch” model of the Lionfish Slayer spear pole in action

Lionfish Slayer - Punch CADD Demonstration

Demo'ing the deadly Lionfish Slayer Punch with an assist from the Zookeeper

Watch how a quick Lionfish is no match for the Lionfish Slayer Punch, and how easy it is to quickly pocket the catch into the Zookeeper.

Another Lionfish bites the dust

Demo of the "Punch", a Lionfish Slayer spear pole, in action.

Demo of the Lionfish Slayer "The Punch" model spear pole

Great showcase of how accurate and deadly the Lionfish Slayer "Punch" really can be while hunting.

Excellent Shot with the Lionfish Slayer!

Watch this great demo on how easy it is to help eradicate this invasive species from our South Florida waters using the Lionfish Slayer's "Punch" spear pole.

Lionfish holed up in the reef against the Lionfish Slayer

Watch how easy it is to take out a Lionfish with the Lionfish Slayer's "Punch" model even if they attempt to hole up inside the reef's ledge.

Lionfish trying to escape the Lionfish Slayer

Lionfish can be quick when they are onto you. Watch how this Lionfish tries to elude the Lionfish Slayer "Punch" spear pole....unsuccessfully.

"The Punch" - Lionfish Slayer

Demo'ing "The Punch".

Lionfish Slayer "The Punch"

A quick demo of the Lionfish Slayer's "The Punch".

Eric and the Lionfish Slayer's "The Punch" in action

Eric demos the ease and accuracy of killing Lionfish with the Lionfish Slayer's "The Punch" model can be while on a dive in South Florida.

Cleaning A Shrimp Boat Wreck With the Lionfish Slayer HD

Hunting Lionfish with the Slayer in the Gulf Middle Grounds

Lionfish Slayer Nabs a bunch of Triggerfish

On the way down to a Lionfish nest, ran across a bunch of Triggerfish. They are delicious!

Lionfish Hunt August 15th, West Palm Beach

Great video from Lionfish Slayer Ricardo V.

Lionfish Hunt Aug 1 20151

Javelin August 2014

Javelin Lionfish Slayer with GoPro mounted to barrel


Lionfish Slayer at Work

Early video of how to shoot, de-spine and store Lionfish



Lionfish Slayer "The Punch" demo

The Punch is a “closed end” spear pole designed specifically to hunt Lionfish. The stainless steel tube is configured so that the spear propels from inside the tube and abruptly stops at the end of the barrel preventing the spear from shooting further than the end of the pole.

Lionfish Slayer "The Javelin" demo

The Javelin is an “open end” spear pole meaning the spear inside the tube is forcefully propelled out and either stops at the end of the line attached to the spear or if no line is present (“free shafting”) then the shaft stops when it runs out of force.