preparing lionfish for cooking

Eating Lionfish

Contrary to what you may have heard, yes, it is safe to eat Lionfish! One must take precaution in removing the spines, but the meat is completely edible and tastes great! Check out this great article for more information on debunking the rumors about eating Lionfish.

lionfish fry over open camp-fire

Lionfish Recipes

You’ve shot the fish, now what? Here’s a great resource of Lionfish recipes published by local divers to help you prepare and enjoy your catch.


save the reef eat a lionfish license plate

Photo by Erin Spencer

Eat sustainable, eat Lionfish!

Check out National Geographic Young Explorer, Erin Spencer’s, favorite recipes for preparing lionfish to help inspire you to do your part to help save native reef fish from this voracious predator.


lionfish tacosFighting Lionfish one bite at a time

If you are curious as to how this invasive species ended up on our turf or need a few more reasons to fire up your grill, check out this resource for background information on Lionfish.  Grab a fork and help fight this battle.