As a Dive instructor [retired] I found the Lionfish Slayer® to be an amazing purpose built enclosed pole spear. The sleek, compact design makes it easy to carry, load, fire, as well as store. I am always nervous when my dive groups are carrying standard Lionfish spears as the barbs are exposed and can injure others in the water or on the boat. With the Lionfish Slayer that is a thing of the past. The Lionfish Slayer® safely stores the business end of the spear in the stainless steel body removing the risk accidents. I feel comfortable having the Lionfish Slayer® in the water or on my boat, the ease of use combined with the safety features [Barbs stored, trigger safety, no need to touch the fish] make this hands down the “Best” Lionfish eradication tool on the market. I highly recommend the Lionfish Slayer for anyone [from novice to expert and especially commercial operators] who wants a safe and deadly way to eliminate this invasive species. Killem and Grillem!

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