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Since I started spearing Lionfish over two years ago I have tried many different tools to spear them. The one handed pole spears were not comfortable for me so I was on a quest to find another quick loading and accurate spear. I settled on a two-handed sling shooter where I was pretty successful but still could not get a precision shot on smaller lions. During a derby I met Eric and got an opportunity to try his Lionfish Slayer®. Not only was I amazed at how fast and easy it was to load but I couldn’t believe the accuracy at which it hit the target. The hidden prongs were another huge bonus. No more accidental stabbings to myself or others. I just love this great addition to my scuba must-have items.


I got a chance to shoot with one of the new updated Lionfish Slayers today, and it was the bomb. I shot a bunch of fish on the Clinton, and the Lionfish Slayer® operated very smoothly, and accurately. I will be using this moving forward on all of my dives. Learn more about them here. If you want to try one, come dive with me!

Yeah, I guess that the knob does act as a sort of hilt. I think the Lionfish Slayer® overall is much safer to carry, and certainly less intrusive. The retracting tines make the Lionfish Slayer® much safer than a traditional pole spear.


As an active scuba instructor, avid spearfisherman, and dive gear junkie, I am continually looking for new dive gear developments and improvements. I demoed both Lionfish Slayer® models which are the Punch and Javelin. They exceed expectation and were superior to any other device I have tried, seen or previously owned to harvest lionfish. The Lionfish Slayer® provides the safety of enclosing the prongs with the practical benefit of distancing the diver from the venomous spines of lionfish. The Lionfish Slayer® also provides the convenience of portability I have not found with any other type spear. If you are engaged in another diving activity such as photography, lobstering or even spearing game fish with a standard size speargun, the Lionfish Slayer® can be easily tucked away and readied for use in moments. The Lionfish Slayer® is analogous to the switchblade of the sea.
The fit and finish of the Lionfish Slayer® is exceptional. The trigger and barrel are made from the highest quality surgical stainless steel. The Lionfish Slayer® is a superior instrument in the effort to cure our oceans and reefs, where not native, of lionfish infestation.
I endorse the Lionfish Slayer® and look forward to assisting capable and interested divers learn to harvest lionfish with it.
Forrest, Instructor with Spearit Scuba, Inc.


Eric’s in-depth knowledge and experience hunting Lionfish are apparent when you use the Lionfish Slayer®. His enclosed spear poles are widely admired and make this “sport” much more safe and help novice hunters like myself more successful in controlling this invasive species. Regardless of your skill level, I would recommend trying Eric’s Lionfish Slayer® the next time you want to have a great Lionfish hunt. They are durable, accurate and safe!


This Lionfish Slayer is awesome, easy to use, and keeps you away from those pesky Lionfish spines! It is very fast to re-load – just pull back and repeat. I’ve slaughtered a whole bunch of them. It is small, out of the way when carrying, and the thumb twist makes it easy to fire. With regards to the material, it is made from a durable, non-corrosive, very high quality stainless steel that is salt, sand, reef and UV Ray resistant. This product is going to be around for a while.


I tended to avoid shooting lionfish because I did not want to waste a shot with my Koah – murphy’s law would have a grouper swim by. Carrying the Lionfish Slayer® for lionfish allows me to be efficient under water and I do not have to worry about getting stung in the process.


The Lionfish Slayer® is the first spear pole I’ve used specifically for Lionfish that I felt comfortable with. It’s accurate and you do not have to get close to the fish, protecting you from the poisonous spines. I’ve been poked one too many times – no more! I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to do their part in eliminating this pest.


As a Dive instructor [retired] I found the Lionfish Slayer® to be an amazing purpose built enclosed pole spear. The sleek, compact design makes it easy to carry, load, fire, as well as store. I am always nervous when my dive groups are carrying standard Lionfish spears as the barbs are exposed and can injure others in the water or on the boat. With the Lionfish Slayer that is a thing of the past. The Lionfish Slayer® safely stores the business end of the spear in the stainless steel body removing the risk accidents. I feel comfortable having the Lionfish Slayer® in the water or on my boat, the ease of use combined with the safety features [Barbs stored, trigger safety, no need to touch the fish] make this hands down the “Best” Lionfish eradication tool on the market. I highly recommend the Lionfish Slayer for anyone [from novice to expert and especially commercial operators] who wants a safe and deadly way to eliminate this invasive species. Killem and Grillem!